Harlan Kirschner

Harlan Kirschner headshot

Harlan Kirschner is the CEO and owner of The Kirschner Group, Inc., a worldwide, sales and merchandising organization that has represented manufacturers in the professional hair, skin and nail industry for over 30 years.  The Kirschner Group, Inc. is the largest and only global professional sales company in the salon industry.  Harlan has been an active supporter of the industry, dedicating his time and energy to many industry organizations.  He serves as a board member of the Professional Beauty Association, Chairman of the PBA Manufacturer leadership council, Treasurer of the Western Buying Conference committee, 2014 City of Hope Beauty Industry Honoree, Chairman of the 2015 City of Hope Beauty Industry Campaign and member of Eastern Buying Conference committee. For more information, visit wwww.kirschnergroup.com.

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